The Kobold Hideout continues

After the cleric dies

The way out is blocked.
Balerion and Vehar are in a tunnel and fighting for their life. Corronox and Carrandir are desperately trying to stealth their way out of a corner.


Corronox casts an minor illusion of some whispers to distract the kobolds.
Vehar continues to attack with crossbow bolts. He hits and kills a kobold. Balerion can now step up, drops his shield and draws his second weapon for and all out attack on a hobgoblin. Vehar inspires Balerion to a single successful hit but it was enough to drop the hobgoblin.

Corronox’s spell draws some of the kobold’s attention away from the location of Carrandir and Corronox.


Advenger Advenger

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