The Kobold Hideout continues
After the cleric dies

The way out is blocked.
Balerion and Vehar are in a tunnel and fighting for their life. Corronox and Carrandir are desperately trying to stealth their way out of a corner.


Corronox casts an minor illusion of some whispers to distract the kobolds.
Vehar continues to attack with crossbow bolts. He hits and kills a kobold. Balerion can now step up, drops his shield and draws his second weapon for and all out attack on a hobgoblin. Vehar inspires Balerion to a single successful hit but it was enough to drop the hobgoblin.

Corronox’s spell draws some of the kobold’s attention away from the location of Carrandir and Corronox.

The Kobold Hideout

The group hires a ranger to track the hobgoblin.
Tracking the hobgoblin proves to be successful and the group finds a dead body. Surveying the scene, shows many footprints but not much of a fight.

The Party decides to follow these new tracks and finds a kobold guard post. The forest gives way to an opening at the base of a 50 foot plateau. They party finds kobolds playing some game of chance, a hobgoblin studying a stone marker, and two tents filled with slings, daggers and short swords. Each tent having a kobold emblem, one red and the other blue.

After killing the guard and hobgoblin scholar, the group finds an opening into the plateau. The group dives in minus the ranger. The tunnels are dark and this helps some and hurts others.

The party splits and each group does a good job of killing those kobold they run across but the way out gets blocked and the cleric falls.

Pretending to be merchants

In this adventure, the group is joined by Medrash the dragonborn cleric.

The group is asked by Lord Bin to gather information about the people wanting the disturbed shipment. The group tries to be the merchants.

Through the studies of Corronox and Lord Bin’s alchemist, the items in the shipment can be used to make poisons, healer’s kits, and an extremely powerful potion of dragon control.

Disrupting the Shipment

After a bit of downtime, the group is called to action.

Vehar is at his “home” which is nestled in the city ruins. He loosely takes care of a group of peasant children. They are Andraste Half elf age 6 Docks female, Bryn Elf age 27 Docks male, Gerbo Gnome age 20 Courtyard Perfomer male, Naeris Elf age 18 Courtyard Perfomer male, Hama Human age 4 Pickpocket female, Corrin Halfling age 14 Pickpocket male, Silifrey Half elf age 3 Gruntwork female, Oskar Dwarf age 9 Gruntwork male, Shamash Dragonborn-White age 10 Locks male, Lidda Halfling age 5 Locks female. Bryn has noticed a shipment of goods being taken into the city sewers.

Vehar, having just seen action in the sewers, becomes wary and gathers the group. CorroNox is found in a small room at the library. Balerion is at the city keep. As it is late, Vehar finds his friend, Carrandir, on the hunt for any one not worthy of the money they carry. The penalty just might be death.

The group makes their way through the city, down the tier levels to the dock. The eastern side of the dock is where Vehar’s little friend saw three humans, a dwarf and a tiefling carry two large chests into the sewers.

Corronox’s light spell comes in handy as the group makes they way in. Having no fear of the dark, Carrandir, leads the group a bit ahead of the light. A distance in, the sewer pools and the group must climb to an upper level. In this round pooling intersection, the upper level has a two foot ledge and five sewer tunnels. on the ledge, the group finds two coils of rope. Corronox, Balerion, Carrandir, and Vehar discuss which tunnel to take. The groups settles on the path that takes them toward Tom the miller’s new mill.

The group comes across a second intersection and Carrandir hears some sounds of movement and a quick flash of light. As he had been scouting ahead, the wood elf waits for the group to gather a the end of the tunnel just before entering. This intersection, much like the last, pools water in the middle and has an edge around the outer sides. The round room is twenty foot tall and has a set of broken steel ladder rungs that lead to the upper level.

As the group make their way into and around the room headed to the partial ladder, two big constrictor snakes attack Vehar and Corronox. Corronox does a good job of dodging the attack but Vehar is struck. Vehar receives 8 points of damage and the snake begins to rap itself around him.

The group rolls initiative and Corronox goes first. He uses an acid bolt on both snakes as they are close together. The snake on Vehar takes 3 points of damage and the other snake passes it’s save. Carrandir makes his way around the 2 foot edge encircling the pool and fires an arrow at the snake on Vehar, the arrow kills the creature with 12 points of damage. The second snake attack Balerion and does 6 points of damage. Balerion responds with two successful attacks, one for 9 and the second for 5 damage. The snakes being dead, Balerion removes the snake and uses his second wind to max out his hit points. Corronox removes the head and raps it with a part of his pant legs.

The group moves from the pooling area of the intersection of the sewers up to the next level of tunnels. Carrandir tells the group of the sounds and the light. So with Carrandir in the lead, the group moves into one of the tunnels, all trying to be stealthy.

As Carrandir approaches the third intersection of these sewers, he sees two chest on the other side of the pooling area. He listens for any sign of noise and hears a brief shuffle sound. The group spends a moment before entering the sewer room and goes over their options of approach. The group cautiously moves into the room. The sewer intersection is 20 foot in diameter and the upper level has tunnels that flows small streams of “water” down to the pooling area. Both the upper level and the pooling area have an edge that is two feet wide. Vehar and Carrandir think they have seen another snake in the pool of water. Balerion moves around the room to the right and to climb up the partial metal ladder. The ladder has not been repaired in a long time, has four useable rungs and requires a check to climb. Balerion succeeds his check and is now on the upper level and right in front of a tunnel.

In the tunnel are the hired labors, the dwarf and the tiefling merchant mage. Two of the labors fire crossbow bolts over the dwarf and miss the Dragonborn. The dwarf then rushes Balerion and tries to shove him off the upper level. A bad miss causes the dwarf to make a save and the dwarf manages to catch his balance without falling.

The rolles for initiative, Corronox gets a 19, Vehar rolles a 8, Balerion gets an 8, and Carrandir rolls a 4. Corronox sends acid at the dwarf but he makes his save. Having moved within 5 feet of the pool, Vehar is the target of a snake attack. The snake misses. The dragonborn uses his breath weapon, it does 9 damage and kills the dwarf. He then moves forward to the humans and does 4 points of damage with an off-hand attack. The tiefling casts a sleep spell and Vehar is the first to drop. The spell does not effect either the high elf or the wood elf. The tiefling sees that Balerion does not drop to sleep, and then retreats down the tunnel. The one of the humans attack the dragonborn, but misses. Carrandir uses an acrobatics check to leap off the chest from the lower level to get up to the upper edge. From this point, the wood elf then fires an arrow at the coiling snake and does 5 damage to it.

Round 2 begins with Corronox casting more acid at the snake and the snake critically fails, 7 damage kills the snake. A shriek of pain comes from down the tunnel, it is the tiefling. The human archer hits Balerion for 3 damage. The dragonborn then attacks the other human and misses. However, the dragonborn uses inspiration to roll again and hits for 8 points for damage. Vehar is asleep. The wood elf (Carrandir) moves into the tunnel and shoots the human for 13 damage and kills him. The tiefling uses an acid spell and the dragonborn receives 4 damage.

Round 3 has Corronox waking the human thief and moves to the upper level. The last human misses his attack and is killed by Balerion with a critical hit. Carrandir takes a move and then a dash to catch the tiefling in sight. Vehar gets out of the coil of the dead snake and moves area the pool in the dark. The tiefling uses his last sleep spell to effect the dragonborn and it puts Balerion to sleep.

Round 4 Corronox moves down the tunnel and wakes the dragonborn. Carrandir moves closer to the tiefling and kills him with an arrow.

The human thief opens the two chests and finds them to be full of a variety of alchemical components. The group also gets some gold and loots the enemies. The caster had a ring that had burst its gem, leaving a burn on the caster. There was also a couple of scrolls.

The team gives the chests and information to Lord Bin. Lord Bin rewards each of them with 15 gold.

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Maping the sewers

A local businessman, Tom the Miller, is having some issues with the construction of his new mill.

Lord Bin has asked his son, Balerion , and his friends to investigate. The mill is still months from completion, and the access to the cities sewer keeps getting plugged. The small group of adventurers battle some kobolds and finds a small nesting area.

Party member, Corronox, goes to the town administration and finds Hansford a begrudgingly helpful administrator. The group now has a map of the sewer system.

While Corronox is tracking down a map of the sewers, Balerion and Vehar search the kobold nest and find some surveying equipment that only a kobold would know how to use. As well as some crude maps of the sewer system.

After finding the kobolds entryway to the sewer system, The group follows a trail of kobold tracks to a small hidden post. The group dispatches this group of kobolds and find that someone has been paying these kobolds to map the sewers, especially the south-eastern part by the city docks.

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